About the Procrastinator Gamer

My love affair with video games began early. One of my earliest memories is sitting in the living room with my older sister and an Atari controller in my hand, trying to make the little man on the screen do what I knew he was supposed to, because I’d seen everyone else do it a million times. I’m not sure if I was ever successful in not dying in Pitfall, but it sparked a love/hate obsession with video games that has yet to die decades later.

I worked (non-video game related) retail for almost ten years, which funded my gaming habit, until a few years ago when I decided that I’d had my soul crushed enough. Currently, I keep busy as a college student and am hoping to eventually make enough money to pay rent on an apartment I don’t have to share with anybody else.  It’s a pipe dream, I know. In the meantime, it’s a long-term goal of mine to work through these piles of games that I’ve had for some time and have never finished, or never even played.  I also need to have the time to play, which at the moment isn’t happening. What can I say, I have no problem getting assignments done, but when it comes to hobbies… well, I have a slight procrastination problem.

That’s where this blog comes in. I’m not promising to finish anything, but I do promise to give games a fair shake before I talk about them. I might even talk about things that relate to gaming as a whole, sometimes, or even things that are about other interests I have, like anime and books. Who knows?


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